Shocking: Twin Sisters Marry One Man  

A man has reportedly married twin sisters because the two women can not live without each other.

In a video circulating on social media, the twins were seen dancing and posing with the man.

One of the twins was spotted already pregnant.

A Twitter user, @ph_obidon  shared photos of the ceremony with the caption” They are twin, he got married to them because one cannot live without the other. Yeh or Nah ?

This post has since attracted reactions on twitter, check them out below.

In other news, a South African woman has reportedly married twin brothers for reasons best known to her.

Netizens could not believe their eyes when images of the wedding surfaced online with the trio wearing rings and kneeling on a grass mat.

In a short video, that later surfaced, a man is seen doing a Zulu dance followed by one of the husbands doing the same dance, before resuming his seat next to his wife.

Spokesperson, of the Ebuhleni faction of the Shembe church where the incident allegedly took place said that they are yet to establish whether the ceremony actually happened.

But can they be blamed since this is almost becoming the norm.

Very soon laws with regards to marriage will be revised and such evil things will be allowed in.

How can you and a sibling share the same man or woman.

If it was a good thing God himself would have encouraged it.

Nonetheless,  some people will also argue that this form of marriage will help reduce”side chick gang “ as many women will now become wives.

“But what I can tell you is that the church is against this kind of marriage,” said Thokozani Mncwango, adding that they are going to check if the wedding did take place.

In 2018, a group of Shembe women wrote to the judicial council, saying that if a man was allowed to take another wife, women should be allowed to have two husbands.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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