Carlos Ahenkorah Explains Why He Snatched Ballot Papers

The Member of Parliament for Tema West, Carlos Ahenkorah has apologized to Ghanaians after his uncouth behavior in Parliament during the elections to elect a Speaker for the house.

On the day of the elections, Mr. Ahenkorah in a viral video was spotted snatching uncounted ballot papers after which he attempted to bolt with them for reasons best known to him.

Unfortunately for him, some members of parliament on the tick of the National Democratic congress quickly chased and overpowered him at the entrance of the parliamentary chamber.

Responding to his shameful behavior,  Carlos said he is heartbroken for the turnout of events on the day.

“I did it for the grassroots who relied on us in power to survive, the president who needs some peace to run the country and the greater NPP party as a whole because we cannot always allow the NDC to threaten and vilify us.

‘I apologize though to my family and friends both far and near who may be affected by my actions.

“The NPP in me couldn’t be controlled. I apologize but I tried!!!” he said in a statement.

“I must say I am heartbroken and dejected. We’ve not seen the end of this yet. With this success, they would tell us what they want and what they don’t in parliament because the whip system has been compromised.

‘This is so sad. I’ll die for my party any day.” He added

However, former President John Dramani Mahama has immediately called for an investigation into the incident.

According to him, the invasion of the parliamentary chamber by military personnel and the snatching of ballot papers during counting by the Member of Parliament for Tema West, Carlos Ahenkorah, John Mahama must be thoroughly investigated and necessary punishment melted out.

“Parliament must conduct an investigation into the two incidents and exact appropriate sanctions,” Mahama said in a Twitter thread.

He further accused the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government of trying to send the country to the era where military personnel had control of governance.

“The attempt to snatch ballot papers by the MP-elect for Tema West and the invasion of the Chamber by armed military personnel are images one had never expected to see in our 4th Republican Parliament.

The recent use of the military in civil democratic processes has become a major worry & gives the impression that this admin is continually seeking to resurrect the exorcised ghosts of our military past,” he said.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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