KKD Opens Up On Gay Legalization In Ghana

Celebrated Broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa says it is stupid for homos3xuals in Ghana to hide their s3xual orientation.

According to him, regardless of the fact that the laws and systems in Ghana frown on their choices, there is no need to hide their s3xual orientation from the public.

“There are people in Ghana who are gays. It is because of the law in Ghana that they hide.

‘I think it is stupid that anybody living their truth must hide.

I do not know (whether homos3xual should be legalized). I haven’t given it any thought. I need to think about it. I don’t know enough about it. I have read about it just because my son came out to say he is a gay,” KK said.

Although he will not disclose whether he supports the legalization of LGBT, the former Citi FM Broadcaster indicated that wherever he has worked in Ghana, there are people who are gay but that does not baffle him.

“Everywhere I had worked, there were people who were gay. It didn’t bother me.

‘It is a subject that baffles only those who want to be baffled because there are people living with people who are gays and lesbians but do not know.

‘People are condemning others for sins that they do not commit but they are committing worse sins than the ones they condemned,” he pointed out.

On whether his son’s upbringing in the United Kingdom contributed to his choice of s3xual orientation, he indicated that the upbringing and country play no such role because there are people in Ghana who are also gay.



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