8 Men Are claiming To Be My Father – Kuami Eugene Reveals

Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene, has come out to make some interesting comments concerning the recent personality who hailed from Oda, Kwesi Boakye, who claimed to be the musician’s father.

According to the musician in an interview, people now think that he has gotten to the position where anyone claim him and make the news.

He continued that he was not surprosed.

Sometime back, the man name Kwesi Boakye came to claim that Kuami Eugene was his biological son.

He calimed that the musician’s mother took him away when he took a trip to Oda to find some money for the family.

He continued that he had been looking for his son for a while, however, his efforts yielded nothing until the moment he saw that his son was a famous musician.

The man then revealed that the name the musician has at the moment was not his real name but rather it was Kofi Boakye.

Despite the man claiming to have found his son, he disclosed that his efforts to connct with his son has been to no avail.

He continued that he was not the one at fault because his mother took him away from him. He also said that he has made attepmts to call his son but all of his calls are never ansered.

Kuami Eugene, however, has come out to say that he does not know the man  and about 8 men have all comee out to claim that he is their biological son.

He went on to reveal that he knew his biologial mother and father and therefore all these people trying to claim him are all liars.

He then said that these men should keep on with their acts becasue he is not focusing on them but on his work and his actual family.

Watch the interview below:

By: Samuel Arthur

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