Video: Afia Schwarzenegger Trolls NDC Over Failed Election Petition

Controversial Ghanaian social media personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, has trolled the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over their failed petition which was rejected by the Supreme Court.

According to the Supreme Court, the petition the party sent to them was riddled with errors. Afia Schwarzenegger, not being able to contain herself, took a video of herself where she mocked the NDC for their failed petition.

According to her, the NDC claimed that they were going to rectify the errors in the petition however, they are still making the same errors.

Afia Schwarzenegger is known to be a strong supporter of the NPP. She was once a member of the NDC, however, she transitioned to the NPP. According to her, she left the party because the NDC were not doing what they promised and they were making her poorer the more she stayed.

Since then she has been known to be a strong supporter of the NPP and during the 2020 campaign, she took to the streets to show her support for the political party. She loves the NPP so much that she even enrolled her sons in the Free SHS policy.

However, her sons completed their SHS level of education and came out with some controversial results. Per what Afia Schwarzenegger showed to the public, it seemed that her sons did not do so well in the exam thereby causing a number of social media users to mock her.

Not being able to take that, she also took to social media to blast whoever would mock her. One may begin to understand that Afia is one who loves to mock others however, whenever she is mocked, she decides to take her anger out on the person, insulting all who are linked with the victim.

Recently, she came out to testify that her sons, despite their bad grades, got admission at the University of Ghana, Legon. However, one may be skeptical about how the boys got admission.

Watch Afia Schwarzenegger jab the NDC below:

By: Samuel Arthur


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