HEARTBREAKING!! Girl Drowns 10-Month-Old Brother Over Jealousy

A 10-year-old girl has reportedly thrown her 10-month-old stepbrother into a well due to Jealous.

According to the girl, she committed the act because her stepmother always maltreated her.

She explained that her stepmother allows her stepbrother to sometimes urinate on her food before she eats it.

She said on the day of the event, her brother had faeces on his whole body and was asked to fetch water to clean him.

The little boy innocently followed her and that was when she planned to pay him back for misbehaving towards her.

She is said to have picked the boy and thrown her into the well after which she went home to inform

She later rushed home to tell the father that, a woman appeared at the well  side and kidnapped the boy.

They search everywhere to rescue the boy but to no avail until the police picked her up and other suspects and it was at the police station that she confessed.

This must serve as a warning for any stepmother who maltreats her stepchildren.

This is very sad but how can the girl be blamed?

Many stepmothers take their hate too far and this affects most of the children.

They turn to hate their siblings for no reason.

This little boy has lost his life over the actions of his mother.

It would have been a different story if the mother had behaved in a nice way towards the stepchild.

As it stands now, the little girl will not be the same as she will be tag her murderer for life.

Their mother has killed two children on the same night.

Fathers too must pick a clue from this and pay attention to how their wives treat their wards in the house.

Many times they look on unconcerned and that even worsens the case for the mental well being of the children.


By: Naa Ayorkor Layea

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