VIDEO: Tracey Boakye Has Never Sponsored Me – Xandy Kamel

Ghanaian actress and media personality, Xandy Kamel has reacted to rumors that she is being taken care of by her colleague actress Tracey Boakye.

Xandy Kamel said this in her interview with Fiifi Praat on Kingdom Plus FM and has decided that now is the time to address such claims.

According to the TV host, she has come across the news of Tracey Boakye taking care of her as it was being reported by media houses but decided not to comment on the matter because of this year’s general elections.

And now as the elections is done with, she feels it is the right time to speak her truth.

Xandy who used to be good friends with Tracey Boakye, described her as a ‘’Borla Bird’’ adding that there is no way Tracey can take care of her.

A few months ago, Tracey Boakye hosted fellow actress Xandy Kamel on her show. In that interview, Tracey asserted that Xandy’s marriage was hitting the rocks.

She said her marriage was done and dusted with but Xandy continued to keep the charade on social media.

According to Tracey, she wondered why Xandy would decide not to share such information on social media.

Xandy Kamel reacting to the claim, stressed that she still shares a strong bond with her husband and that even if she was going to get a divorce, it is her husband who should initiate it as he is the one who asked for her hand in marriage.

She added that husband can never cheat on her with any other woman. Nevertheless, Tracey still maintaining her assertions asked her guest; “But you are not happy.”


By: Worwornyo Woyome


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