‘Your Mother Gave Birth To A Fool’ – Medikal Lashes Out

Ghanaian rapper, Samuel Adu Frimpong, famously known in the showbiz industry as Medikal, has lashed out at a group of people describing them as “fan foolers”.

Recently, in a new post on his Instagram page, the rapper wrote that whoever loves him in a genuine manner will also receive the same courtesy from him.

However, those “fan foolers” are only going to fool their mothers because their mothers gave birth to a fool.

These recent times have not been so good for the rapper as some allegations were span against him. According to an Instagram blogger who goes by the name, “cutie_julls”.

According to the blogger, the rapper had a child outside his marriage. The blogger then proceeded to congratulate him on the baby.

However, the rapper was not happy with what the blogger said and took to his Instagram page to lay curses on the blogger.

The blogger also took to Instagram to reply that rapper saying that if he attempts to make the unknown lady abort the baby, he would die a painful death.

“@amgmedikal, I wanted to ignore you but let me clear this.

Just like the way your wife Fella ranted and blocked this account when we announced that she was pregnant, guess what? She gave birth and we all witnessed her childbirth to the glory of God.

Medikal, I don’t curse but at this point, we are only saying your words should manifest in your life if you as much try to let the innocent girl come close to abortion just to make this gist look otherwise.

HIV is real. Bro, if you can’t cut down with the women, its fine cuz even David in the Bible had his way with his clique’s wife but please We love you so we are saying, Bra please eyaa use condom wai”, the blogger wrote.

Now Medikal has taken to his social media page to post in his story, “If you love me genuinely, I love you too, but if you de fanfool, you de fanfool your Moda because she gave birth to a fool.”

Check out the post below:


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