PHOTOS: Dillish Cheated On Former Arsenal Star Adebayor With Sugar Daddy

Former Arsenal and Tottenham international footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed the reason for his split from popular Namibian celebrity, Dillish Matthews.

The Big Brother Africa 2013 winner Dillish Matthews, had last year in different interviews told media outlets her break up from the Togolese happened because she was tired of being humiliated online by the footballer.

One time in a Q & A session on Instagram, she had answered a fan who asked her if her now ex-boyfriend Adebayor had cheated saying; “it is really none of your business but I’ll like to make this clear; nobody cheated, please. “I left because I got tired of the way I was being humiliated by him on the Internet.”

But over a year after the death of that relationship, Emmanuel Adebayor has come out to say that Dillish had cheated on him with a sugar daddy who lived in a different country.

In his Instagram story on Friday night, the superstar treated his followers to a “story Time’.

‘’Your girlfriend tells you: “Babe, I am going for a weekend trip with my best friend in SWAKOPMUND, Namibia’’.

‘A few days later, she’s completely unreachable then you end up finding out that your girlfriend is in Luanda, Angola, and says she doesn’t know how she got there…See enjoyment. The first time you talk to her what would you say?’’

The 36-year-old all-time top scorer of the Togolese national team also revealed how the Namibian spent monies he had given her to be given to her [Dillish] family.

He said she had subbed him on her Instagram story by calling him stingy, bipolar, and a narcissist for questioning her about those monies.

The pair dated briefly from 2018 until last year when they unfollowed each other confirming rumors of their split.



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