VIDEO: Asawase MP Breaks Rules By Allowing 6-year-old Daughter Cast His Ballots

The Member of Parliament for Asawase in the Ashanti Region, Muntaka Mubarak‘s six-year-old daughter has voted in the 2020 general election aided by her father.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for the constituency in the full glare of electoral officers watched on as Muntaka let his underaged child cast his ballot.

Article 49 (1) of the 1992 constitution states that “at any public election or referendum,” Voting shall be by secret ballot hence the MP has violated that order with the presence of a second person; his daughter.

Notwithstanding, the EC law makes provision for people who need special assistance to vote, “the presiding officer, on the application of a voter who is incapacitated because of blindness or other physical cause from voting in the manner directed in these Regulations, shall permit the voter to be assisted by a person of his own choice’’.

‘’When he [Presiding Officer] accedes to the request of a voter under sub-regulation, the presiding officer shall record in the register opposite the name of the voter the fact that the voter was assisted and the reason for the assistance.”

But Hon. Muntaka Mubarak responding to his action which is against the laws of the Electoral Commission, justified himself saying;

“If you see her, she’s only six years old. She doesn’t even understand what’s going on. I raised her thumb and did the thumbprinting; it was virtually me doing it.

‘If I had given it to her, she would not have even known what to do. She’s my princess and I came with her during the last elections.

‘I’m just taking her through the process”, he explained.

On the other hand, Muntaka Mubarak, who has been unhappy with alleged cases of police intimidation of NDC members was hopeful that his party will retain the constituency seat.

“I am very confident that whatever happens, democracy will be victorious today. So far, all of us have seen that the process is going on smoothly.

‘Everything is calm because every polling station started well.

‘I have taken updates from my reps from all the 206 polling stations in the constituency and everything is cool. I have no doubt on my mind that the people of Asawase are going to retain me.

‘I am super confident that the people are going to retain me at the end of the day”, he said.

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