Alfred Baku Urges Cooperate Bodies To Assist PGA By Organizing Championships

Executive Vice President and head of Gold Fields West Africa Alfred Baku has Urged  cooperate bodies to assist the PGA in organizing Tournaments for professional Golfers just as how Gold Fields are doing.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 7th edition of Gold Fields PGA Championship Mr. Baku indicated if more of such Golf Tournaments are organized by Cooperate bodies will boost and improve Professional golfers play a on higher level.

‘I’m urging our peers out there.

‘The cooperate bodies I’m urging them to come to the assistance of the PGA.

‘So that we can have more if such tournaments like every quarter we can have big tournament for the pros their game can be improved and go higher.

‘If you have more tournaments it will move your game higher then this.’

Mr. Baku who is also an Amateur golfer reveled that his outfit will raise the bar higher in year’s edition.

‘The standard of game year on year  continues to go up and I say Well done to the PGA.

‘We Gold Fields and our cosponsors we will want to raise the bar come next year.

‘Therefore I will urge the pro golfers to put in a lot.

‘It’s just like me being a mining engineer that’s my profession so I will work hard for it and mine well.

‘I don’t want you guys to wait till September before you start practicing for a Championship which is always in November or December that’s not the best because I don’t want bad scores.

Lucky Ayisah won this year’s championship for the first time in his career.


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