Gold Fields Has Taken Steps to Nurture the Next Generation of Golfers – Mr. Alfred Baku Reveals

Executive Vice President and head of Gold Fields West Africa Region, has revealed that his outfit has taken massive steps to nurture youngsters into the game of golf.

Speaking at the on going 2020 Gold Fields PGA championship at Damang, Mr. Baku believes the best way to grow and expand the number of golfers in the country in the near future is to start training young individuals at the grassroots level.

‘If I look at soccer, during our times we play colts before we get to the higher level that’s the same thing we are doing in golf.

‘We are starting from our host communities where we are taking the game to the schools.

‘What we’ve done is we’ve approached the executives and teaching staff of the schools around us so that during their physical education they don’t only do football but add golf to it because talent is in diverse.

‘We have some golf professionals here who are training a lot of youngsters at the grassroots that is how we can actually nurture the talents in the pipeline so as when the likes of Brave Mensah’s, Emos Koblah’s, Akwasi Prempeh’s, Kojo Barnni’s leave the scene the younger ones can take over.’

Mr. Alfred Baku said Gold Fields made good investment into Golf which has help elevate the standard of play for professional golfers.

‘I must say we are on the right track and we are getting there.

‘After six, seven years we have come of age and have gotten some pretty good golfers among our pros who are playing outside Ghana.

‘When they play outside the country they don’t just add to the numbers but some of them bring the trophy home.

‘So I must say that we are very much satisfied with their standards of play since we decided to support them with sponsorship.’

He also indicated that the disciplinary levels of professional golfers have improved massively which is a good sign.

‘Before we jumped in we heard many negative reportage against our pro golfers that they are not discipline now it’s rather the opposite.

‘The discipline side of them is very impressive and I’m very much happy that we’ve made such investment.’

Gold Fields have been hosting the annual PGA championship since 2014 which is seven years now making it one of the best tournaments in Ghana and West Africa that keeps attracting top notch professional players across Africa to participate.

By: Joe Okyere Dewryta Itaalia

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