2020 Gold Fields PGA Championship: Alfred Baku Cautions Golfers To Ensure Discipline On The Course


Executive Vice President and head of Gold Fields West Africa Alfred Baku has cautioned professional golfers to ensured discipline in their play in the ongoing 2020 Gold Fields PGA championship at Damang, Tarkwa.

Mr. Baku who expressed delight in how the tournament is going wants all the professional golfers to maintain high level of disciplinary standards in their displays.

‘One thing i would like to urge all of you is, I’ve not heard any negative news and please keep up that discipline.

‘’I know The purse is that high and big but let’s continued with the discipline.

‘’Who ever will win must win on merit and not through any kuluulu ( cheating).

‘’If we catch you that you are using any negative means to win the game, you are finished with us on this course.

‘’You can play the other tournaments but as far as Gold Fields is concern you are finished with us, so I urge all of you be very very discipline.’’

Francis Torgah took the lead in day two after scoring one over course par in day-one and three under on second day totalling his standard scratch score over two days at minus two. (142).

Kojo Barnie, Vincent Togah And Ekow Koblah have been previous winners of the tournament but Mr. Alfred Baku wants to see face winning the championship in this year’s edition.

‘Like I always do, I’ve brought my Cheque and it’s still with me.

‘If we get a new winner like we had last year, I don’t want Kojo Barnie, I don’t want Vincent (Torgah) And I don’t want Ekow Koblah as winner.

Mr. Baku added that any new winner will get personal reward from him.

‘I know the person leading is new fresh so if I get a new winner, that winner will get additional money from my pocket.

The 7th Edition of the Gold Fields PGA Championship has been a delight to watch as its enters day three.

The four day tournament will end on Saturday, 28 November 2020.

By: Joe Okyere Dewryta Itaalia

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