Wendy Shay’s Songs Are Useless & Senseless- Prophet Kumchacha

Founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Kumchacha, has said that he does not in any way, enjoy listening to songs from Ghanaian Afropop singer, Wendy Shay.

According to him, all of her songs do nothing but promote promiscuous acts among teenagers.

He then went to attack her record label, Rufftown records saying that the label does nothing but support senseless things.

During an interview on Okay FM’s Best Entertainment Show, he said that since Wendy Shay gained a spot in the limelight, she has never been able to produce sensible songs.

He continued that he does not understand why her songs are that way since he believes that music is supposed to speak to a person’s soul.

Making a reference to the current president of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo, the prophet said that the musician’s ‘Uber Driver’ song was unnecessary.

He continued that looking at the meaning of the song, which was about men watching women from inside their cars whenever they’re on the road, did not need the name of the president to be mentioned in it.

“The song from Wendy Shay that projects Nana Addo as someone who loves giving an eye to the backside of women on the road is needless.

‘When you study the character and her music antics, it projects more promiscuity due to her body language and demeanor.

‘‘Everything of her promotes prostitution. She sings to promote prostitution.

“Someone who sings and says a whole ‘Nana Addo p3 hw3 and things’, you have to be fast and get the promotional aspect of her songs, it does nothing meaningful than to promote prostitution…”, he said.

Taking a look at all that the prophet had said with concerns to Wendy Shay, one may wonder if indeed, the prophet was speaking the truth or not.


By: Samuel Arthur

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