Shocking! Woman Runs Away From Marital Home Over Too Much S*x

The presiding judge of a court, Chief Ademola Odunade has dissolved a 10-year- marriage over an attempted money ritual and marathon s*x.

According to reports, the woman identified as Basirat is calling it quits with her husband because “he was making a desperate effort to use her for money ritual’’.

She explained noticing this when her husband did not show any regret after she lost her last pregnancy due to too many s*xual activities with him.

“Suddenly in 2018, Niyi came home one night and told me that he received a message that he must have seven-day marathon s*x with me without a gap of any day.

“I was already carrying a three-month-old pregnancy before that time and on the second day of the marathon s*x, I lost the pregnancy.

“I took care of myself in the hospital only for Niyi to come home to start requesting for the continuation of the seven-day marathon s*x even when I was still bleeding.

“Then, I consulted my parents and relatives and from every indication, we discovered that he was trying to use me for money ritual,” Basirat said.

Responding to the accusation, the husband identified as Niyi did not deny the allegation of the marathon s*x but chose to raise new issues altogether.

Niyi submitted that his wife was too troublesome for him and was a careless housewife.

“Even if this court would dissolve my marriage, I pray to be given custody of the two children because Basirat cannot take care of them.

“One of the young boys in our neighborhood raped our first child and she did not tell me about the incident.

“My lord, it was because she often overstays in the market that such a thing could happen,” Niyi added.

The court ordered the custody of the two children produced by the union to the plaintiff and ordered the respondent to pay N10, 000 as the children’s monthly feeding allowance.


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