VIDEO: Funny Face Baby Mama’s Father Snaps, Threatens To Destroy Him

The father of Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face’s wife, Vanessa has come out to lay down some threats with claims that the comedian has disgraced her daughter.

Recently, Funny Face has been on a ranting spree blaming his baby mama for being the cause of his downfall in marriage.

Aside from his ex-wife, he also set his eyes on the likes of Maame Yeboah Asiedu, who is a Ghanaian radio presenter.

According to him, Maame Yeboah Asiedu was the one responsible for influencing his wife to leave him.

However, his wife came to debunk the allegations saying that the radio presenter was the one who counseled her not to leave the comedian.

According to his ex-wife, she wanted to dump Funny Face a long time ago but Maame Yeboah was the one who spoke to her to endure through the hard times. However, she could not endure things any longer since her husband was molesting her all the time.

When she decided to leave him, she also took the children. Funny Face tried his possible best to get the children back but all his efforts showed no results.

He then gave up on getting the children back telling Vanessa to do whatever she wants with the children.

Funny Face has since been ranting and throwing shots at his ex-wife and her family.

During an interview on Peace FM with Ola Michael, Vanessa’s father, Jah Wisdom, said that Funny Face was “foolish and idiotic”.

According to him, he does not know Funny Face and his daughter had been stolen by the comedian.

”I don’t know Funny Face. He has stolen my daughter for the past two years because he didn’t follow our Akan custom to ask her hand in marriage . . . I will summon him before the Chief palace for abusing my daughter. I’ll lawfully deal with him,” he said.

“He’s foolish . . . Why do you disgrace my daughter? Idiot! . . . Why do you come on social media to disgrace my daughter? Is it right? Who is he?”, he continued.

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By: Samuel Arthur

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