2020 Gold Fields/PGA Championship Tees Off Today

Organising Committee Chairman Hans De Beer Cautioned Golfers as 2020 Gold Fields PGA Championship Tess off

The 7th edition of the annual Gold Fields PGA Golf Championship teed off today (Wednesday) at Damang Golf Course, in the Western Region of Ghana.

Over 30 locally based golfers drowned across Ghana started the competition with promising displays in their respective categories and experiences gain over the years as professionals.

Organizing committee chairman of the championship Mr. Hans  Johannes De Beer in his opening speech hinted at the fact that all golfers must stay professional in their play and adhere to the Covid-19 protocols on the course.

‘You are all professional Golfers and know how to play by the rules of the game. If there’s any misunderstanding or doubt you can seek clarifications or play a second ball in order not to beat the course.

‘As golfers, everyone must wear their mask and ensure their caddies too.

‘We have been in this pandemic for the past nine months now which I believe you know what to do as to what the W.H.O and the Local Health protocols so let’s stick to the strict covid rules here.

‘We have seen with the test and already some golfers are not here so please be professional and stay healthy to continue the tournament the next day.

The Goldfields PGA championship has Over the years seen international golfers participate but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s will only have locally based golfers on the course.

In relation to that, Hans De Beer indicated that Gold Fields are bent on making the championship one of the best not only in Ghana but in the West Africa Region.

‘Unfortunately, the Covid has taken some of the pride away this year. You can see some of the main sponsors are not here because of the COVID-19 bad impact.

‘That’s is how life is going but going forward we will get the tournament where we want it to.

‘We will extend this competition to become bigger and one of the best in West Africa.

The four day Championship is expected to end on Saturday with the winner of the regular category taking home GHS40,000.00 whilst winner of the senior will pocket GhS9,0000.00.


By: Joe Okyere DeWryta Itaalia

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