VIDEO: Ayisha Modi Reveals Who Broke Her Virginity

Veteran highlife musician, Ofori Amponsah, has made confirmations of him being responsible for breaking the virginity of famous Stonebwoy fan, Ayisha Modi.

Sometime back, Ayisha Modi, during an interview on Delay’s show, disclosed that she was once married to the musician but the marriage was cut short in time.

“I got married to Ofori Amponsah at age 18 when I had my first child who is currently 16 years. This marriage lasted for a few years and after that, we reunited as friends and I also helped him on a few of his projects,” she said.

“I have known Ofori Amponsah for almost 17 years. He is my first boyfriend who broke my virginity so we have a great bond. We are currently good friends.”

It was during this show that led to both Delay and Ayisha to be sued by the veteran musician, Obrafour.

Looking at what really led to them being sued, Delay threw some questions at Ayisha with concerns about her relationship with Obrafour.

According to Ayisha, Obrafour was an ungrateful person in whom she invested a lot of money and never got anything after. According to her, she invested the money in Obrafour’s “Kasiebo” song.

However, Obrafour came out to say deny that he took any money from her and even threatened that if Ayisha kept on doing what she was doing, he would send the case to the courthouse. Ayisha Modi, after hearing of this, still went on to call the bluff and this led the musician to sue Ayisha.

However, Delay, who thought she would be left out of this ended up being sued as well. Despite her trying hard enough to explain himself, Obrafour still went on to sue her with claims that she supported the actions of Ayisha Modi on her show.

Looking at all this, one may think that the action Obrafour took against Delay by including her in the court case, was either right or wrong.

After the two were sued, Delay issued an apology to Obrafour and publicly said that she was no longer going to involve herself with both Ayisha Modi and Obrafour.

Coming back to Ayisha losing her virginity, according to Ofori Amponsah, he had broken the lady’s virginity but decided not to make it public, thus, confirming what Ayisha also said about him.

By: Samuel Arthur


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