Kuami Eugene Pens Serious Message To Ghanaians In New Post

Ghanaian musician, Kuami Eugene, has taken to his social media page to pen down a message for Ghanaians on his social media page.

Kuami Eugene is currently known for the controversy surrounding his recent song which he featured, “Happy Day”. According to rumors, the song was an endorsement song for Nana Addo and the NDC.

However, he came out to say during an interview he was not aware of the song being an endorsement song.

He continued that he was going to confront the rapper if it turns out that the song was made as an endorsement song.

His counterpart in the song, Sarkodie, did not make any comment on the issue until the president took to his Twitter page to thank him for his endorsement.

The rapper, upon seeing the tweet, replied that he did not do the song to endorse him or any other government official.

Till now, Ghanaians seem very skeptical about the two claiming the song was not an endorsement song.

However, Ghanaians took their attention to another musician who goes by the name, Samini. During the period Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene brought out their song, Samini also released one song called, “Kpoyaka” which was an endorsement song for the NPP and Nana Addo.

When a number of Ghanaians realized what was going on, they took to social media to backlash the musician.

It was even reported that the musician took some amount of money from members of the party and this even got Ghanaians angry more.

Some Ghanaians took to the musician’s page to rain insults on him.

Coming back to Kuami Eugene, he has come out to give out a message which goes, “I have seen money turn men against their maker.

Now You Have The Dress So You Don’t Respect The Tailor “.

He made this comment along with a photo.

See his post below:

By: Samuel Arthur

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