Kumi Guitar Does Not Think Kuami Eugene Is Highlife Artist

Highlife musician Kumi Guitar thinks reigning artist of the year Kuami Eugene is not a Highlife artist.

According to him most of  Kuami Eugene’s songs are never highlife tunes but rather Afro beat.

Kumi Guitar in his candid opinion described Kuami Eugene as a beautiful artiste but he does not see him as a highlife musician.

“I think he has certain songs that fall under highlife but most his of songs sound like Afro.

‘That is my candid opinion. I don’t know what somebody might think or how somebody will challenge it.

‘It doesn’t mean he is not a beautiful artiste. He is one of the beautiful artistes Ghana has experienced.”

For him, he would not be worried if Kuami Eugene classifies his songs as Kuami Eugene Highlife but the majority of his songs cannot be categorized as Highlife.

He added Afro songs are disturbing our highlife songs and even in awards schemes, organizers put highlife songs and Afro songs together in the same category.

Kuami Eugene is currently the 2020 artist of the year and was crowned by legend Amakye Dede as the new king of the Highlife genre at Last year’s VGMAs.

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