VIDEO: Do You Agree With Rev. Obofour Washing His Face On Another Man?

Leader and founder of Anointed Palace Chapel have recently fallen into hot waters as he got caught in a recent video where he was washing his face on another man.

In the video, a man was seen on his knees while Rev. Obofour washed his face on him.

He then brought out his handkerchief to wipe his face and used that same handkerchief to wipe the man’s face.

May users who saw this took to their various social media pages to blast him. In recent times, a number of cases have been recorded where various pastors and prophets do certain things to their congregation in the name of spiritual direction.

Some time back, a pastor was caught on video where he talked his members to drink hi bathwater in the name of spiritual direction.

When he was called out for his crime, he made excuses for what he did being a movie.

Looking at the excuses some people give after committing a crime, one may wonder how the law works in Ghana since all of these people are still walking.

Another incident was recorded where a pastor was shaving a woman’s private part in the name of stripping her of her demons.

Coming back to Rev. Obofour, he has been on the radar of Member of Parliament of Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.

Some time back, the Member of Parliament decided to pounce on people who he thought were fake prophets who were deceiving the nation. One of those people was Rev. Obofour.

However, there has not been much that the Member of Parliament has done to put Rev. Obofour away.

It may seem that Hon. Kennedy is in the process of dealing with the reverend. The two went on to send some threats to each other for a while.

Looking at what the reverend did in the recent video, one may either agree or disagree with the action.

By: Samuel Arthur




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