VIDEO: I Will Die Before Mahama Becomes President – Prophet Owusu Bempah Speaks

Ghanaian Prophet Owusu Bempah has come out to say that as long as he is still alive, former president Jonh Dramani Mahama, will never be the president of the country.

The upcoming elections this year has various political parties to be on their feet. The main parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the New Democratic Congress (NDC), are all putting in their efforts to help their various candidates to win the election.

However, Prophet Owusu Bempah seems to be against the fact that John Mahama could win the elections. According to him, all the NDC has done is to use evil means to gain power but this year will not be their year.

“You won’t be President of Ghana again. It will be over my dead body. I’m not God and I’m not the only voter in Ghana but you can never be President again.

‘If you like to save today’s date I will let you know that there are people who have been spiritually fortified by God.

“You people are using voodoo but that won’t work because I’m bigger than the places you’ve been visiting.

‘The spirit of the NDC is dead and gone after Rawlings’ death and I will prove it and give you revelations,” he said.

During these times where elections are up and coming, many are anticipating the various political parties to use whatever means they have to win the elections.

However, according to the prophet, the NDC will never win because they are evil people who will even bring calamity to the nation.

The prophet recently laid curses on sections of Ghanaians who he claimed were involved in mocking him over his failed prophecy about the US elections.

According to him, Donald Trump was going to win against Joe Biden. However, things did not go as he prophesied and this led some Ghanaians to mock him.

By: Samuel Arthur

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