Pastor Says Gospel Musicians Who Put On Makeup Will Go To Hell – Do You Agree?

Controversial preacher, Evangelist She, has come out to say some things about gospel musicians who wear makeup. He specifically went on to address the likes of Diana Hamilton and Gifty Osei.

According to him, all gospel musicians who wear makeup and show off their breasts are not going to make it to heaven.

Many know the likes of Diana Hamilton and Gifty Osei to be some of the best gospel musicians in Ghana.

However, the pastor has condemned the likes of them to hell. Looking at what the pastor just did, one may think that this pastor in the first place, is not to be trusted.

During an interview, he went on to prophesy that Ghanaian dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, will repent and join the gospel music genre to the supposed glory of God.

“Shatta Wale will repent soon and start composing gospel songs, he will start winning people for God…,” he said.

Once again, the appropriate way of classifying music has been misinterpreted. According to him and others like him, there is only profane and a gospel song.

However, one may believe that there are many genres in music, and music in itself is a sort of message to the world.

However, people like him do not seem to care but instead, they jump to the immediate notion of judging all who do the music they do not classify as gospel.

Shatta Wale is known to be one of Ghana’s trump cards when it comes to music.

He has sent Ghana to other parts of the world and till now, he is still in the game and is an inspiration to many.

However, one may wonder if he will ever consider having a change of heart in making his music.

Coming back to his comment on female gospel artists who put on makeup, one may either agree or disagree with the evangelist.


By Samuel Arthur



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