YOLO’s Drogba Survives Fatal Accident


Ghanaian YOLO actor, John Peasah, famously known in the showbiz industry as, Drogba, has made it alive after being involved in a fatal accident.

Drogba’s contribution to the YOLO series is what made the series as popular as it is today in Ghana.

On a recent post on his Instagram page, the actor came out to share his experience in the accident thanking God for his life since it would have been taken from him a matter of minutes.

On his page, he wrote, “I just wanna thank God for my life….Oluwa is involved 🔥🚀🚀sharing this photo because this is a testimony 🙏🏽…have me in mind when praying …I can’t die before my time”.

There have been a number of celebrities who have met their various ends due to accidents, hence, Ghanaians are happy to know that he made it alive and well.

After the actor made his breakthrough, Ghanaians did not see him in any movies.

He came out to reveal that the reason for not starring in many movies was because the producers were not able to pay him.

“This is one of the reasons why you guys don’t see me in movies… it’s sad. Nam1 where are you? Tell them daddy Kofi (future manager locate me wai ) oluwa is involved”, he said.

Concerning this issue, veteran actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, disclosed that he had not been paid by a number of producers for a while after he featured in their movies.

He continued that a number of producers in Ghana lack the appropriate ways to manage various actors.

Taking a look a this, one may believe that it is due to this issue that many actors have not been able to give their all in their various roles.

When actors can’t work properly, the movies produced cannot sell properly and this causes losses in the movie industry.


By: Samuel Arthur


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