Did Samini Really Endorse The NPP Because He Was Snubbed By The NDC?

Ghanaians will remember Ghanaian musician, Samini, who released an endorsement song for the NPP party which led to him receiving backlashes from the public.

Two other musicians, Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene also released a song together which was also reported to be an endorsement song for the NPP.

Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene came out to let the public know that the song was not an endorsement song for any government party.

For Kuami Eugene in particular, he said that he did not know anything about the song being an endorsement song.

Samini, however, made it known that his song was an endorsement for the NPP party.

When news hit the ears of Ghanaians, the musician began receiving a number of backlashes.

A report even came out that the musician’s hometown’s waterbody which the people use is also shared with cattle.

Looking at all this, one may wonder if it was right for the musician to endorse the NPP party.

One person who goes by the name, Ricky Kotey, has come out to share the reason why the musician endorsed the NPP party.

According to him, Samini approached the NDC party telling them how much he would want to stand behind John Dramani Mahama, who is the current presidential candidate and a former president of Ghana. He was, however, snubbed.

Due to this circumstance, he switched to the NPP party for an opportunity that was granted to him without fail.

“I know he reached out to the NDC but had to turn to the NPP because he is business-minded.

‘I just think he is too desperate to make the gains,” he said during an interview with MzGee on TV3.

Others have also come out to allege that the musician did the endorsement due to the fact that he was going hungry.

However, after looking at what is transpiring above, one may think Samini was indeed snubbed by the NDC, hence, his decision to join the NPP party and if so, one may consider if the musician was really hungry and desperate.


By: Samuel Arthur


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