Is Akrobeto Really Underrated As A Comedian?

The Ghanaian entertainment industry has been filled with a number of people who have pushed Ghana so far in many fields. One of these fields includes comedy which has been one thing most Ghanaians seem to be good at apart from music.

However, a number of comedians are not seen for the good comedians they are. One of the comedians, according to a female Ghanaian blogger, includes Akwesi Boadi, also known as Akrobeto.

According to the lady, Akrobeto has to be appreciated while he is still alive and not when he is dead and gone. She took to her social media platform to speak to Zionfelix on the matter.

“Gm Zion hope you doin well , ? Ples alert the industry people to acknowledge Akrobeto , he deserves it, he’s been on the screen for a real long time , and he’s the most funniest male actor ever , his videos are always out der , cheering up others , sometimes u come across his videos while having a bad day , and things turn to get a lil better after seeing his videos I love him s000 much , the same way everyone does , let’s not wait for him to die first before he will be acknowledged.”

Akrobeto has been one of the funniest people in Ghana and he has also been part of the people who took comedy in Ghana to another level.

His acting skills along with the likes of Agya Koo and Kyeiwaa have been a blast for Ghanaians and many are looking up to him for inspiration.

In recent times, comedy in Ghana has not been on the good side of life since a lot of people these days are not looking into comedy more.

However, looking at what the lady said to Zionfelix, one may begin to wonder if indeed, Akrobeto is really underrated as a comedian in Ghana.


By: Samuel Arthur


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