Top 5 Most Underrated Ghanaian Female Musician

The number of female musicians in Ghana are uncountable, all of them are talented, no doubt about it. Some of them have received the hype and recognition their talent deserves but for others, it is not the same. Here are 5 female Ghanaians with less recoginition and support.


  1. FELI NUNA: Feli Nuna has a distinctive quality of a voice coupled with great sing along songs within the past few years but has not gotten the needed attention, her kind of songs has a more retro lyrics which could be addictive to all generations.

2. ESHUN: Ethel Esi Eshun represented Ghana at the UNICEF meeting in Switzerland, got recommendations from European music lovers for her lyrical dexterity and her Africanism.

Eshun released great songs like Someone loves me which featured Flowking Stone, Fakye, Akyea and a list of other songs but was still eluded with the needed attention and hype.

3. NANA YAA: Nana Yaa Thomas daughter of legendary singer Pat Thomas, a uniquely gifted singer, songwriter with no professional training at all.

Nana Yaa possesses a gift that is rarely seen in the music industry nowadays. Previously known to be a backing vocalist to the music maestro, Kojo Antwi.

Nana Yaa on any given day gives you goose bumps on the first listen of her songs.  She writes songs that brings a bright, sunny-side-up vibe to your ears. Her inspiring songs and catchy beats can lift anyone’s mood and bring more happiness to their day.

4. CINA SOUL: Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome also known in showbiz as Cina Soul is a Ghanaian singer-songwriter and recording artist. [1] A finalist at the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Icons competition held in Accra, Ghana.

Her Unique voice makes her stand out from her peers, with her versatilility in switching between English and Ga, Cina has so much love and support from a selected view but she is unable to receive the maximum recognition that is worth her carft.

5. AMAARAE: Ama Serwah Genfi, known professionally as Amaarae, is a Ghanaian American singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer known for her groundbreaking work around representation and gender in music.

Unarguably one of the best female vocalists in Ghana at the moment, Amaarae deserves much more than she is receiving because she is definitely worth more.

By: Jennifer Elorm



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