Armed Robbers Attack Church, Runs Away With Offering

Two armed men reportedly attacked the Sandema district church of Pentecost, after which they bolted with a huge sum of money and other properties.

According to reports, the incident happened during the midday hours of Sunday, right after service as at the time two leaders of the church were counting and documenting monies received as an offering.

Eyewitness account revealed that the robbers arrived at the premises brandishing guns and asked the leaders – a male and female, to lie face down and surrender all money and mobile phones.

The frightened leaders then laid helpless as the robbers took away their booty and immediately jumped on a waiting motorcycle and sped off.

“…the robbers came on a motorcycle as two leaders of the church were counting the day’s collection. One of the leaders, who is a female was outside while the male was inside actually counting the money. They first met the female who was outside and showed her the gun and asked her to keep quiet and go inside with them. When they got inside, they were all made to lie down and they took the money and their mobile phones away. Before leaving, they fired into the air several times,” recounted an eyewitness to Upper East Correspondent, Senyalah Castro.

After the incident, an official report has been filed with the police.

Armed police and soldiers were then dispatched to the area to ensure the safety of residents.

This robbery, adds to a number of cases recorded in the area in recent times following a surge in the activities of robbers.

In most of the reported cases, mobile money vendors, business owners and individuals carrying huge sums of money have become victims of their nefarious acts.

Recently, a flat-screen television set was stolen from the waiting bay of the Sandema district hospital. A mobile money vendor was also brutalized and robbed of Ghc12, 000 in Chuchuliga.

All these happened days after residents poured on the streets to demand immediate measures from authorities to curb the problem.

The incidents, which have become too many, have left residents continuously living in fear for their lives and property.

Residents hope the robbery at the House of the Lord, would communicate the extremity of the menace to authorities to finally wake up and tackle it.

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