Have Prophets Badu Kobi And Owusu Bempah Turn False Prophets After Trump’s Defeat?

Ghanaians will be well aware of the recent elections which took place in the United States of America where two presidential candidates, Joe Biden who represents the Democrat party, and Donald Trump who represents the Republican party, fought for the opportunity to serve the country.

Two prophets, Badu Kobi of the Glorious Wave Chapel International and Owusu Bempah of Glorious Word Power Ministries, came out to lay bare some prophecies concerning the elections. According to them, Donald Trump was the one who was going to win the election.

However, as many Ghanaians can now see, Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. There have been a number of prophecies, over the years, which have been laid bare for a while but have never come true.

With regard to the election, Trump was not happy with how things were going for him, hence, he decided to file a lawsuit against the state with claims that the election was rigged.

The election came off as a blow to Donald Trump and his team. However, many Americans are hoping to see what a change in government will do for the state. Many were not fans of Trump due to the way, according to them, he acted towards the handling of certain important situations.

One example would be the way he handled the protestors as they were trying to get justice for George Floyd, who was killed due to police brutality. Another example is the way Trump handled the coronavirus where some even went on to report his support in racism as he named the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”.

Taking a look at how the prophecies from Badu Kobi and Owusu Bempah swerved, one may begin to wonder if these people are actually who they claim to be. If so, then one may wonder if Ghanaians should really trust these two prophets.


By: Samuel Arthur


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