Is Sarkodie Plotting To End Kuami Eugene’s Career?

Recently, two songs were released by Ghanaian musicians, Samini, Sarkodie, and Kuami Eugene, which ended up being a controversial piece in the lives of Ghanaians.

While Samini’s “Kpoyaka” songs have been confirmed to have been an endorsement song for the NPP, Sarkodie’s “Happy Day” featuring Kuamie Eugene, is still under discussion.

Recently, the sitting president of Ghana and the current NPP candidate for another 4 years of the presidential election, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, took to his Twitter page to thank the rapper, Sarkodie, for his “endorsement song”. However, the president had to delete his post as the rapper told him that his song was not for endorsing any government party.

Kuami Eugene, however, came out to say that he did not have any information on the song being any endorsement for the NPP. A number of Ghanaians, however, are very skeptical about what the young musician said.

One of those skeptics, Mzbel, also came out to say that Kuamie Eugene should be quiet and stop deceiving the general Ghanaian public.

She continued saying, “How can you say you didn’t know? Kuami Eugene should shut up and concentrate on his proceeds from the song.”

Some time back, during an interview, Kuami Eugene said that he was going to confront the rapper if it turns out that the song was actually an endorsement song. Looking at how things are turning out, one might be thinking that the two are afraid of causing damage to their career if the NPP party does not win the upcoming elections.

With concerns about the “Happy Day” song, some believe Kuami Eugene could not have done any better while others believe that the song was trash.

Kuami Eugene is a young artist who has been able to make a number of bangers in Ghana. However, one may be worried if Sarkodie has plotted to put Kuami Eugene in any trouble as he did not give Kuami any information about the song being an endorsement song.

By Samuel Arthur

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