VIDEO: Should One Believe In Religion In The First Place?

Religion has been a controversial issue for quite some time as many have been going around to claim that their religion is the truth and that others are false.

As Ghanaians will remember, musician cum businesswoman came out to confess that she was no longer going to be a part of the Christian religion due to certain issues, hence, announcing herself a proud atheist.

recently, during an interview on Kingdom FM, multiple award-winning gospel musician, Diana Antwi Hamilton, said that she prays for Mzbel to experience God personally. This was while Mzbel was on the show.

During the show, the gospel musician spoke of how she was able to have an experience with God and how she prays to God that others who hear her ‘Nsenkyer3ni Nyakopon’ song to experience God too.

When the interviewer asked about Mzbel and her decision to leave the Christian faith, she responded that she respected her decision and that she will also pray that she receives an experience from God.

However, Mzbel came out to say that she has decided to leave the faith due to the fact that she was confused about how many religions claimed to true, and yet there are many religions.

She continued that it was due to that and other things, she decided to leave the faith in the first place.

A lot of controversies have been brought whenever the issue of religion comes in. this is due to the fact that many people have their various perspectives concerning how religion goes.

According to Mzbel, whenever a person’s religion is caused, groups of religion people band together to backlash the person.

Taking a look at what is transpiring, one may believe that the reason why there is so much conflict amongst people whenever someone talks about religion is that people spent so much time trying to justify themselves instead of looking into matters in order to find a common ground.

Therefore, one may think that religion is something that was created to confuse the masses; therefore, religion is not something worth believing in.

Watch the interview below:


By: Samuel Arthur

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