Has Shugatiti Gone Broke?

Famous Ghanaian nudist, Shugatiti, has come out to do some interesting display on her Instagram page.

Shugatiti has been known for her various nude photos which surpass even the likes of Akuapme Poloo and Efia Odo.

She has also been using her Instagram page to advertise her products which are usually meant for women.

Some time ago, she announced herself to being part of the slay queen business when she said that she has been sleeping with a number of men for huge sums of money.

She went on to reveal that she was taking as much as $5,000 dollars from the men she slept with.

Aside from that, she has also been posting her photos on her social media platform in order to cash out.

Now she has come out with a video. In the video, she is seen removing her underwear and opening her legs.

Slay queens are usually known to be posting sensitive parts of their bodies on social media in order to attract more followers.

Some slay queens who go to the extreme usually use their nude photos to get some clients to do they can sleep around with them for material gains.

Shugatiti’s lifestyle has been one of controversy where a lot of Ghanaians have been backlashing her.

Despite the fact that her parents have taken the responsibility to stop her from leading her lifestyle but she has refused to listen.

Her counterparts like Akuapem Poloo almost got into trouble with the law as they took their lifestyle to an extreme level. Akuapem Poloo was once caught with a photo on her social media where she was nude and kneeling in front of her son.

The backlash was so much that she almost got herself into the hands of the law on the charges of child abuse.

However, looking at the current video Shugatiti has posted, one may being to wonder if the famous nudist has actually gone broke, hence, posting a video in order to rouse customers to DM her so she can get herself some money.


By Samuel Arthur



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