There’s Nothing Wrong With Selly Galley Being Called ‘Ugly & Barren’ – Counselor Lutterodt

Controversial personality, Counselor Lutterrodt, has come out to say some sensitive things concerning Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley.

According to him, there is nothing wrong with the actress being called ugly and barren. He said that the comment the user passed was nothing but a comment.

He then went on to say that Selly should not harbor any hard feelings when that comment of her being ugly is made and the comment about her being barren only reminds her of her not being able to give birth.

Counsellor Lutterodt continued saying that Selly Galley should have just admitted that what the user said was true and asked for some prayers from the user.

” I haven’t said Selly Galley is ugly, she is beautiful to me, that’s my comment so why do you accept my comment that she is beautiful and somebody else comments is that you are ugly”.

He continued that “someone says you are ugly, when you look in a mirror, are you ugly or beautiful?” and added that “God created both beautiful and ugly people” so everyone can not be beautiful”.

“Calling someone barren is not an insult because when you are married, you expected to have children.

‘If someone says you are barren and you have a clinical issue that you can’t have a child, accept it and tell the follower ‘yes I have a challenge, once you follow me, join me to petition God”.

Not long ago, Selly Galley took to social media to post a photo of herself without any makeup.

As those who saw it praised her, one user who wanted to troll her passed a comment that she was ugly and barren.

This led the actress to lay curses on the user. Many who even saw what the user had written took to social media to blast her.

Counselor Lutterodt once came to make some controversial comments on rap victims.

He passed the comment that rape victims always end up enjoying the act at a point. This brought a number of females in his case with many demanding that he has to be dealt with by the law. The Likes of Juliet Ibrahim, Ama K. Abebrese, Joey B, and others came to demand that the counselor be banned from appearing on any media outlet.

As celebrities and some Ghanaians came out to trash the man, he then came out to issue an apology. Along with the apology, he tried to clarify that he was taken in the wrong light.

Once again, she has come out with a new controversial topic concerning the actress, Selly Galley. With regards to what Counselor Lutterodt said, one may begin to realize his true colors.


By: Samuel Arthur

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