Is Shatta Wale Really An Ungrateful Person?

Ghanaian Reggae artiste, Blakk Rasta, has come out to reveal some things about Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale.

The musician revealed that Shatta Wale showed him some disrespect and did not apologize which led to them having some bad blood.

During an interview on Kingdom FM, Blakk Rasta, said that Shatta Wale is an ungrateful person who did not acknowledge him after all the help he gave him with concerns about funds and accommodation.

“One day he (Shatta Wale) called me and said, Blakk Rasta, there’s one of my uncles he’s so rich… he loves you.

‘Right now, I’m suffering, I don’t even have anywhere to sleep; nobody wants to play my music, nothing is happening for me.

“If you can help me, go with me to my uncle and talk to him, I’m sure he’ll be able to help me…] that was the time he released a song called ‘Musician politricksters’…

‘So he came over to me and I went over with him to his uncle and true to his words his uncle was all over me, so happy. He’s called Uncle Rocky…

“And he gave him money to produce his music, his album and even gave him a place to sleep… after about a year he called me and said his uncle had kicked him out of the house.

‘I called the uncle and he said he was over there and all the drug addicts were coming to the house and I didn’t like it…”, he said.

“…he brought me some songs… a lot of songs, they were about six, seven songs. And I liked just one song; and that was ‘Mama,’… which I used to play regularly.

“I wasn’t hearing from him. All I heard was he granted interview…. And that was where he said that [Black Rasta and the rest are hypocrites… I gave him seven songs and he’s played only one song].

“I was like wow, is this how ungrateful you can be, why did you not use this opportunity to tell them that I matched you all the way to your uncle. He gave you all the money and I never even took a penny from you. I drove you all the way back, then you didn’t have a car…”, he added.

Considering what the musician said about Shatta Wale, one may feel that Shatta Wale might or might not be an ungrateful person.

By: Samuel Arthur


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