Should The Youth Be Blamed For Fighting For Politicians?

Recently, reports came of a number of youths campaigning for their various political parties, the New Patriotic Party ( NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), were involved in the bloody fallout with each other.

Many were ported to be wounded but no report came out confirming anyone dead. Recently Ghanaian social media personality and comedian, Afia Schwarzenegger, has come out to express her disappointment in those youths.

According to those her, those youths who involved themselves in the scuffle were nothing but ‘fools’.

” Continue fighting for politicians who have their kids abroad. You are fools for fighting your fellow human being for belonging to a different party.

‘What do you intend to gain from acting this way?”, she said.


The issue of youths fighting for politicians has been existing for a long time and that issue has resulted in the loss of many youthful lives. Every election year, an issue of a young person losing his or her life is reported.

Factors such as an inadequate number of jobs and educational resources have led to many losing the opportunity to chase their dreams.

Some have resorted to crime while others, being given a small amount of money, involve themselves in the war at the expense of their lives.

Afia Schwarzenegger has been known to be a strong supporter of the NPP for quite some time.

Recently, she took to the streets to campaign for the party. She is just one of the celebrities who have put their all into supporting political parties in order to bring their promises to fruition.


By: Samuel Arthur

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