VIDEO: Doctors Discover Light Bulb In Man’s Stomach After 10-Years

Doctors have shockingly found a bulb in a 21-year-old Asian man staying in Saudi Arabia.

According to the report, the man has had the bulb for 10-years now.

The man is said to have gone to the emergency department of the Prince Saud bin Jalawi Hospital as he was suffering from abdominal pain,

severe nausea, fatigue, and a high fever.

The doctors then ran a number of examinations and tests on the patient only to get surprised by the CT scan report later that showed a mysterious object lying in the man’s stomach.

He was then taken to the operation theatre for surgery, and it was there that the doctors found, much to their shock, that the object was a light bulb.

The patient later revealed to the doctors that he had gulped down the light bulb at the age of 10. Interestingly, the bulb was recovered in a

good condition, driving home the point that the electrical appliance was well-preserved inside the man’s intestines for more than 10 long


This is very strange let’s pay attention to our children, his parent could have saved him this trouble by being very attentive.

What do you think about this situation? Let us know your thought By Rex.

Watch the video below 


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