Should Veteran Actor Waakye’s Health Aide Be Politically Motivated? Let’s See A-Plus’s Opinion

Ghanaian veteran actor, Prince Yawson, famously known as Waakye, was reported to have been hospitalized due to a serious illness.

According to him, during his time at the hospital, no one came to show him some love even when he was in need of some money for his hospital bills.

Former musician, Kwame A-plus, has come to say that he wished he could help the actor but since he is a strong supporter of the NPP party, she wouldn’t be able to help.

He continued that the NPP official has stolen huge sums of money from Ghanaians, hence, they should use all of that money to help their members.

A-plus recently revealed that he was no longer a part of the NPP party since the various officials were no different from the NDC. He continued that the two political parties have disappointed Ghana so much to the extent that he decided to accept the fact that the NPP and the NDC have nothing to give Ghana.

He went on to say that he does not understand the reason why the NPP has not been able to help Waakye since he has been a strong supporter of the party.

Various celebrities such as Grace Omaboe, famously known as, Maame Dokono, have come out to say that the NPP did not show her any support when she was sick and needed help the most. She revealed that she even campaigned for them and after everything, the NPP party continued to betray her.

A-Plus is a musician who has now turned towards becoming a politician.

“I wish I could raise money for him like we always do but he is a strong NPP supporter. They should help him. All the money that you are stealing you can’t help your members”, he said.

Looking at what A-Plus just said, one could consider the fact that helping the actor should be politically motivated.


By: Samuel Arthur

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