Our Ghanaian Churches Are As Weak As The President – Kwabena Donkor

Member of Parliament for Pru East Kwabena Donkor says churches in Ghana is as weak as the state itself.

This is in relation  to the collapse of a church building in Akyem Batabi where eighteen people have so far lost their lives.

The former power minister called for the suspension of the DCE of the area as well as the interdiction of building inspectors of the Assembly in the area.

“Development starts from the mind. The mindset is the biggest obstacle to development.

‘It’s also the biggest launch-pad for development. We have to chose which option, are we going to allow the mindset to be a block or a launchpad and it takes a certain leadership?”

“And when we talk about leadership, too often we only think about political leadership, but it goes beyond that.

Captains of industry, spiritual leadership. The Ghanaian church for example is as weak as the Ghanaian state.

Accountability in the Ghanaian church is as weak as it is in the state.” He said

“then our captains of industry are not standing up. So, there is a collective failure of leadership from the political to the spiritual, to industry and to the grassroots. Too often whoever stands out for the right thing is seen by society as either too-known, or defiant. As citizens, we have to agree that we want to develop this country.” He added

The said building  collapsed at  Oda  killing over 21  people who attended church that morning.

By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea



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