Between Efia Odo And Akuapem Poloo Who Has Nicer ‘Botors’ Skin?

Having nice buttocks as a woman is a very nice thing, but having nicer ‘botors’ skin makes things even better.

Today we shall discuss two controversial figures who are known for being social media influencers to discover who has the nicer ‘botors’ skin.

First on the list is Rosemond Alade Brown, also known as, Akuapem Poloo. Akuapem Poloo is known for her controversial life where she once got on the bad side of Ghanaians for posting a nude photo of herself kneeling in front of her son.

She immediately took to her Instagram page to remove the photo. After things were looking cool for a while, she ended up having her nude video leaked to the public. Once again, she got herself in hot waters.

Her long-time enemy, Afia Schwarzenegger, took to her Instagram page to blast her saying that she was a backstabbing personality who would do anything to gain public attention.

In the nude video which was leaked, Akuapem Poloo is seen lying on a bed while making a call to an unknown personality.

When she was asked in an interview about the video, she claimed that she was not responsible for the leak but rather, her friend leaked the video after they had an argument.

With regard to her fight with Afia Schwar, she revealed that Afia was just jealous of her since the American rapper, Cardi B, took a liking to her more than Afia during her trip to Ghana.

Next on the list is Efia Odo. born Andrea Owusu, Efia Odo has also flooded the internet with a number of nude photos which has gotten her in hot waters for a while.

Many have attacked her for her lifestyle yet she refuses to change to societal standards. She recently moved to her other home country, the United States of America, to vacation for a while.

Taking a look at these two personalities, one may think if whether one of these women has nicer ‘booty’ skin.


By: Samuel Arthur


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