Between Efia Odo And Akuapem Poloo – Who Is Most Influential On Social Media?

Ghana has been filled with a number of influential personalities. These personalities range from the likes of Gifty Anti to even the likes of Efia Odo. with regards to social media platforms, there are a number of celebrities who have also made strides.

Today, we shall discuss with regards to celebrities who have been able to influence society on social media.

First on the list is Efia Odo. born as Andrea Owusu, Efia Odo, has been able to influence a lot of people on social media with her large amounts of nude photos. One could say that she has influenced a lot of females in this context. Efia Odo has had her share of controversy with Ghanaians at large as her lifestyle seems to be frowned upon. The internet has been flooded with a number of nude photos which has sent Ghanaians bonkers both negatively and positively.

She recently moved to the United States where she was born to spend some time with her mother. According to her, she left Ghana due to the fact that most Ghanaians are villagers. She made it clear that she came to Ghana in order to gain some stardom but instead, she got a lot of hate.

Second on the list is the renowned attention seeker, Akuapem Poloo. Born as Rosemond Alade Brown, Akuapem Poloo, has also had her share of backlash from Ghanaians. She was recently caught online with a nude photo of herself kneeling before her son which caused a lot of Ghanaians to pounce on her. Recently, she was once again, backlashed for a nude video that was leaked to the public. A lot of Ghanaians took to their various social media pages to backlash the lady.

This nude video even caught the attention of her long-time enemy, Afia Schwarzenegger, who took to her Instagram page to warn Poloo to leave her name out of her affairs.

Taking a glance at the two, one will be pushed if ‘Efia Odo tops Akuapem Poloo or Poloo can turn the tides’.


By: Samuel Arthur


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