Should Selly Galley Withdraw The Curses On The Girl Who Called Her Horror And Barren?

Ghanaian actress, Selly Galley, recently got trolled on her social media page when she posted a non-makeup photo of herself.

A user who goes by the name, Hemewa Piesie, took to the celebrity actress’s Instagram page to throw some insults at her. Under Selly’s photo, the user wrote, “Horror face n barren woman”.

All who saw her comment got riled up and many took to Henewaa’s social media page to speak their minds. Selly, who could not hold up her anger in her, took to her page to lay curses on the lady.

Firstly, one must understand that Henewaa is not the only one who has been trolling celebrities on their various pages. As a celebrity, haters will always be the norm of the day. However, what Henewaa said was not appropriate and indeed, she must be punished.

However, will Selly forgive her despite the fact that Henewaa made advances towards her to make amends? Should the celebrity actress forgive the lady for her foolish act?

One must understand that everyone has the power to forgive another for their mistakes, but as to whether one would forgive the person or not, is not certain.

Looking at the things Henewaa said to the actress, forgiveness should not be an option.

Why? This is because, a lot of people have been taking to various social media pages belonging to these celebrities to bully them and since no one knows their identity, they think they can go free.

Despite the fact that Selly could forgive the lady, she does not have to because Henewaa must be a scapegoat in order to deter others who would want to walk on the same path from doing so.

One must also consider the fact that Henewaa might not even feel sorry for her actions. If it wasn’t for the celebrity actress, who took to social media to lay curses on her, she wouldn’t have made any advances to apologize, hence, her pain will deter other haters from committing such atrocities.

The haters must be led to understand their limits when it comes to voicing their opinions towards celebrities.

Therefore, should Selly Galley forgive all her haters for making such rude comments like calling her ugly and barren?



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