PHOTO: COW Joins End SARS Now Protest  

As humans and citizens of a country, it is mandatory that people keep their protection in high esteem. This is why leaders are elected and various institutions are established.

A country can only be safe if and only if, the country had the resources to protect itself from any unprecedented occurrence.

This was why the Special Anti-Robbery Squads (SARS) body was created. Crime in Nigeria has been escalating for a while and this has led to many controversies.

The SARS team was created to battle such situations to keep Nigeria safe, but it seems the people are paying taxes and establishing security forces in order to ensure their deaths.

The rate of SARS brutality on citizens has been escalating. Recently, the people of Nigeria have been protesting for the task force to end immediately. Despite their protests, people are still murdered for reasons which doesn’t make any sense.

It has even been reported that some of these personnel in the task force are not even trained properly to handle a gun.

Despite the fact various government officials seem to show no form of concern to the issue at hand, various celebrities have taken to the streets as well as their social media platforms to support the movement to end the SARS regime.

While people are out there protesting, animals a have also been given the opportunity to join the people. Recently, a cow was brought to the scene with the end SARS stage written on its body.

It seems that the cow also cares about its masters. Various Ghanaian celebrities such as Shatta Wale, King Promise, Akuapem Poloo and others have taken to their various social media platforms to support the movement. The local celebrities of Nigeria such as, Davido and Wizkid have also taken to the streets to support.

African leaders must come together to establish a policy which will make sure that our various security personnel follow the rules of the state. One must remember that whatever affect one African country, affect others as well.

Our security system is for our safety and therefore, our safety cannot be put on the line as our own security personnel murder people.


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