SHOCKING!! S3x For Food: Ghanaians In Russia Satisfy Russian Grannies For Survival

President of the Ghana-Russia Business Development Council (GRBDC), Dr. Awutu Boateng, has called on the Government of Ghana to initiate moves to rescue some Ghanaian nationals in Russia who are under s*x bondage.

According to Dr.  Awutu Boateng, men are suffering at the hands of these Eastern Europeans.

He added that these Ghanaian victims cannot return home due to legal consequences or fear of a jail sentence.

” . . Ghanaian men are the most patronized in Russia . . . these Eastern Europeans arrange for their ‘partners’ Visas and flight tickets . . . also some footballers are sent to Russia under the guise of securing them good soccer teams which never is the reality. A lot of the detainees in Russia were deceived to come to the country,” he narrated.

He further revealed that upon reaching Russia, these Ghanaians are confined and locked up in a room without the opportunity to go out or live a better life.

“While they’re stuck in the room, the only job they’re permitted to do is to have non-stop s*x, multiple times with at least three women a day . . . They are subjected to multiple rounds of s*xual intercourse with Russian ladies, mostly grandmothers, to the detriment of their health.

“It’s very disturbing . . . a certain man told me how he’s suffering. They are made to have s*x for hours and days and woe betide you if you become tired. They will deny you food to eat and will leave you in a sorry state,” he added.

Report says some of these Ghanaian nationals cannot return home because it is difficult to leave Russia when one’s Visa, which is usually for 30 days, expires; hence they resort to this life-threatening adventure.

This is very serious and sad as a search for greener pastures turned into such a situation.

This must be dealt with immediately

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By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea

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