Afia Schwar Claims She Made $13, 000 Yesterday From Mzbel Fight

Ghanaian comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger isn’t done with musician Mzbel after the two washed their dirty linen in public yesterday.

On Monday, October 5, Afia Schwarzenegger revived her beef with Mzbel after she claimed last week that the singer secretly slept with her boyfriend. Afia told Neat FM that Mzbel’s affairs with her ex-boyfriend was what broke their friendship.

Upon these accusations, Mzbel shared a post asking her followers if should reply Afia Schwarzenegger and things escalated from there.

And in a quick counter reply, Afia Schwarzenegger also shared a post daring Mzbel to say ‘fi’ else she’ll expose her dirty secrets, and lo and behold, the singer boldly said ‘fi’ in a post she shared on her Instagram post.

Now, Afia Schwarzenegger is back again with another damming social media post, in which she started that she cashed in on their beef yesterday.

According to the host of Schwar TV, she made USD13,000 (equivalent to GHC75,000) from their fight yesterday, adding that she is building an estate, not green grass.

She also started that even her dogs are aware that her silence isn’t free and that they should do more fights.

Afia Schwarzenegger shared a new photo on her Instagram page on Tuesday, October 6, with bthe caption: “I made $13k from your foolishness yesterday.. My name is Afia Sikabediden. Letz do this more often…i ” m building Estates not green grass. EVEN MY DOG KNOWS THAT MY SILENCE IS NOT FREE!!!!!!! Good morning Schwaralewas.”

Afia Schwarzenegger notified all her fans and Ghanaians that she was going to reveal the identity of ‘Papa No’.

As a matter of fact ,in as much as many people believe Former President John Mahama is the Papa No,they still need Afia’s Schwarzenegger confirmation as to who really the Papa No is.

Unfortunately for all those who were waiting for Afia’s confirmation of who the Papa No is, that venture will not come on.

Yes, Afia would not be the one to reveal the Papa No even though she is really pissed off with Tracey Boakye.

She has been advised and stopped from revealing the identity of Papa No.

She has taken to social media to indicate that UTV and Peace Fm’s Fadda Dickson has called and advised her not to go ahead and reveal the identity of Papa No as planned.

According to her, Fadda Dickson is his weakness and for the love and respect she has for him, she wouldn’t do as planned.



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