Is Popular Kumawood Fetish Priest Actor Dead?

Sekyere Amankwah, the famous kumawood actor known for his role in the local movies as a fetish priest has been reported dead.

His funeral poster has been flying on social media earlier this morning as social media netizens express their shock on the sad story.

On the poster, he was reported to be 37 years of age before his demise some weeks ago.

The popular actor has been featured in many hot kicked Kumawood movies and has starred alongside Lil Win, Christiana Awuni, Akyere Bruwaa among others.

His death has shocked the media space and it is hard to believe whether the poster is true or just a frame-up story.

The said poster has Akwasi Mensah as his name but in reality, his name given by his parents is Sekyere Amankwah.

The age given him on the poster does not really with his looks as well which makes us doubt whether it is really him or not.

People on social media are sending their condolences but the story of his death could be fake.

Stay tuned as we dig on the inside story.

We will keep you posted on our findings soon

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