BEEF ALERT! My New Dog Looks Like Strongman- Medikal Throws Jab

Popular rapper AMG Medikal has disclosed that his new dog looks just like his colleague and former beef mate Strongman.

Medikal in a new interview on Okey FM threw the dirty punch at the Kumasi based rapper who is also known to be someone who has a lot of power over musical lyrics in the rap game.

Whiles Medikal and Strongman have ever been at logger heads for a number of weeks where they threw heavy ounches at each other in diss songs, one cannot tell why Medikal chose to go on the same lane again because he knows very well that Strongman will be pissed.

Social media users after listening to the comments have started wondering why Medikal will go to the extent of comparing his puppy AMG El Chapo to his colleague who is also one of the best in the game.

Some people are of the view that Medikal wants to revive the beef between himself and Strongman so he can grab some attention since the music industry in recent times is thriving on beef.

One is also beginning to think that Medikal wants the beef because the previous scores between the two of them have not been settled and as it stands, none of them has been declared as winner.

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