EXPOSED: National Service Personnel Expose Corruption At The NSS

As graduates prepare to undertake their national service, some have blown an alarm of ongoing corruption at the National Service Secretariat (NSS).

According to the students, who are going through processes to be posted to their various destinations to undertake their national service

they were being asked to pay between GHc200-350 before posting them.

The graduates explained even after paying the said amount, they do not get their post.

‘What kind of system are we having? What are you teaching graduates? We are teaching them corruption.

‘If as graduates, we are being asked to pay before we are posted, what do we expect from these graduates when they start permanent work as civil servants? It is disheartening and unfortunate.

‘I am not peddling lies. If you are doubting what I am saying, send your reporters to the national headquarters and investigate the issue.

‘There are a lot of graduates who are frustrated at the situation”. Some students said.

He further added some of the personnel who were posted were denied the opportunity to work on the grounds of lack of vacancy.

As graduates   fight for their posting  others are fighting over derogatory comments .

In view of this , Member of Parliament (MP) for Bolgatanga Central Constituency Mr. Isaac Adongo has said his “the Akyem Sakawa Boys” comment was not necessarily directed to all people of Akyem state but Akyem government officials whose actions are in line with his claims.

According to him, he would not apologize to those holding a massive demonstration against Former President John Dramani Mahama as the statement was not directed at them.

“I have not insulted anyone I didn’t know, but for those that I targeted, there is no way I will render an apology because they are still practicing the Sakawa”.

“But those who went on a demonstration I don’t know them hence there is nothing I have said against them”. He said

Adongo further stated that  “If they (some people in government) behave in ways of Sakawa that is the words I will use for them.

If they behave honourably, I will describe them as Akyem Honourables, if they behave responsibly, I will describe them as the changed Akyem responsible people.

But if they behave in Sakawa ways, the Sakawa has come to stay until they change their ways and begins to put Ghana first”.


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea



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