PHOTO: Is Don Little Dating This Lady?

Ghanaian diminutive actor Don Little seems to be enjoying a lot when it comes to his relationship with women as he keeps on changing them from one point in time to the other.

Don Little who at a point in time started crying and lamenting over the way in a manner in which he was being treated badly after he got stuck in the US started showing Ghanaians different shades of women.

At a point in time, Don Little who everyone thought will go for a lady who is his size was spotted dancing and smooching a plus-size woman who is believed to be his girlfriend.

Well, the small actor has just released another photo on social media which has him with another slim lady who is way taller than him but the area where his hands were placed in the photo is something that baffles the mind of social media users.

One cannot tell if the said lady is his new catch but Don Little per the look of things had beaming smiles all over his face indicating that he was really in a good mood.

We are just waiting patiently to see exactly what will be his next move with regards to the display of women on social media.


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