SHOCKING!! Woman Bites Private Part Of Husband Over Rat

A woman has reportedly beaten the private part of her husband over rat.

According to reports, the woman picked a quarrel with her husband after she requested for him to help catch a rodent.

The suspect identified as Mukupa had gone to drink and that when she returned home, she asked Musonda if he could remove a rat in her room.

The two are said to have separated but that they live in the same house in separate rooms.

The woman is currently in police custody awaiting to be arraigned before court.

In other news, a man has  stabbed another to death for accusing  wife of cheating.

According to reports, the deceased identified as one Stanley alleged that the suspect, Adekunle lived in the same compound.

Stanley allegedly saw the ”close relationship” Adekunle had with one of their neighbors called Arinz’s wife and therefore interpreted it to mean they were having an affair.

He informed Arinze’s mother who therefore informed her son and therefore confrontation started.

During the confrontation, Arinze told Adekunle that it was Stanley who alleged he was having an affair with his wife.

Adekunle therefore confronted the deceased which led into a heated argument and later the stabbing took place.

A resident of the area, Ibidunni Adegoke, who spoke on the incident said

“The victim (Stanley) went to report his neighbour’s wife, Chisom, to her mother-in-law that another neighbour, Adekunle, was having sexual relations with her.

‘From what we gathered, all of them live in the same building and Adekunle had been assisting Chismo with money to feed her family whenever her husband, Arinze, did not provide money for them to feed.

So, because of that, he concluded that they were in a relationship and went ahead to inform Arinze’s mother.

When Arinze was informed, he had a shouting match with Adekunle, who later got to know that Stanley was the person, who accused him of having an affair with the woman.

So, Adekunle left for work but promised to have a word with Stanley when he returned.

In the evening, when both of them had returned from work, an argument ensued between Adekunle and Stanley and it degenerated into a fight.

When Adekunle was overpowering Stanley, the latter instructed his wife in Igbo language her to bring a knife, which he used in stabbing Adekunle’s leg. Adekunle later dispossessed him of the knife and used it to stab Stanley in the chest. After stabbing him, he pinned Stanley to the ground until he died.”


By: Naa Ayorkor Laryea


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