S3x Worker Shugatiti Doesn’t Care About What Her Parents Say

Popular s3x worker Shugatiti has disclosed that she doesn’t care again about what her parents has to say about her job as a s3x worker because it is her personal life.

The fine socialite who claims s3x work is a fortune to her due to the amount of money she makes from it stated that her primary focus in recent times is her work and that what people say doesn’t matter anymore.

Whiles speaking in an interview, she stressed that what her Mum even says doesn’t matter when it comes to her busines as a nudist because that is what puts food on her table.

”I don’t care what my mom or dad has to say about me, I am living my life to the fullest and their opinion don’t matter when it comes to my life”. Shugatiti stated.

Shugatiti per what she said earlier about her work will undoubtedly be one of the richest socialites in Ghana because she claims she charges $5,000 for her services.



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